The new small block modified class is coming along well. All of the new tools are ready for the up and coming season. Motor Mike is ready for the inspection process. We have had a few complaints-one owner said if all the cars are equal how can I win. The answer is simple drive the car to the front if you can. Also owners realize that now handling will be more important than ever.

I am glad to see a few sportsmen coming on board for the 2500 weight division.  Our board has decided on the gear rule for this section and last years sportsmen can run the new 2350 and 2450 gear rule of 5:55. About 3 or 4 sportsmen cars from last year will be supporting the new class and WE all thank you.  While we are talking gear rules remember the 2600 iron headed cars must run a 5:44 gear.

Many of you are building new engines and that is good.  Dirt inspectors will be at our track to check every car on two different nights. We will run the Small Block Modified's on those  nights very early to allow time for the inspections. Bob Dini will also be on hand a number of times and Motor Mike will be inspecting weekly. Gary Waters-Abe Tremont and Matt Quinn along with two more of our most experienced people will support all aspects of the division. If you have and questions ask Mike, Gary, Abe or Matt

The same rules apply to Orange County Speedway and we will have a qualifier for that race at Eastern States 200 Weekend. Syracuse week will see the same basic rules but not the exact same rules as we will be running.

All in all our new small block modified class is off the ground and will be a success because the officials, the engine builders, the teams and myself know this is the start of something good and it is the right class for the future.

The banquet dates are set and all classes this year will receive a full share of the 100,000$ 2012 point fund.
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Thanks Howard