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Saturday, June 22, 2013
By: Rodney Rescott
Saturday, June 22, 2013Saturday, June 22, 2013

Eddie Marshall Finally Breaks Through at the High Banks Ryan Darcy, Ray Hall Jr, and Jay Corbin Take Home Checkers







The first official hot summer night of dirt racing hit the High Banks at Lebanon Valley Speedway as the Alarms of Berkshire County presented the night’s program to the packed grandstands!  Veteran chauffer Eddie Marshall finally scored a win to break the stronghold that Brett Hearn and Andy Bachetti at the Valley of Speed.

The Big Block Modifieds have been dominated by Brett Hearn and Andy Bachetti over the last 8 events, but a full moon over the high banks brought on some change at the top of the win list.  At the start of the 30 lap feature event, Kim Lavoy and Paul Gilardi brought the field to the green flag to get things underway.

There were plenty of racy cars throughout the field as they drove 2, sometimes 3 wide for position from back to front.  But upfront, Eddie Marshal drove his family-owned #98 to the head of the class by lap 6.  Then he took off to hide from the rest of the field.

Back in the field, things started to get a little dicey.  The first caution flew on lap 13 for contact between the #11A of Kyle Armstrong and the #34B of Andy Bachetti.  Both were done for the night with heavy damage.

That put the #55K of Mike King, the #60 of Brian Berger and the #20H of Brett Hearn right on top of Marshall for the restart.  As usual, cautions breed cautions as the yellow flew a few more times.

Once the green flew on the lap 15 restart, Marshall once again pulled away, but this time, the #20H was in pursuit.  In the closing laps, Hearn made a run, but Eddie Marshal was too strong, and scored his first win of the 2013 season.

At the stripe, Marshall scored the win, Hearn was 2nd, Mark Flach Jr battled his way to 3rd, King settled for 4th, and Kolby Schroder squeezed in to finish 5th.

The new Small Block Modifieds then took to the speedway for their 24 lap feature event.  At the point was Ryan Darcy aboard his #21 with the #20Q of Matt Quinn on his heels in 2nd.  Other than a brief caution on lap 17, that was exactly how the finished, as Darcy led wire to wire for his first Small Black feature win.

Quinn finished 2nd, followed by Wayne Jelley, Brett Haas and Andy Bachetti to round out the top 5 finishers.

The full moon reared its ugly side in the Budget Sportsman feature as this event was marred by several cautions and 1 red flag.

At the start, the #0VT of Milo Campbell took the point on the 32 car field.  The first caution flew on lap 7, then again on lap 8.  Peter Carlotto took his #12C to the point on the next restart, but then a melee on the backstretch piled up half the field causing an immediate red flag that lasted nearly 10 minutes in order to remove a trapped driver, and clean up the mess.

All drivers were able to walk away with only minor bumps and bruises.  Once the racing got back underway, Carlotto showed the way at the head of the field with the #72 of Ray Hall Jr on his heels.  The yellow flew again a few more times, not allowing Carlotto to pull away from the field.

The last restart on lap 15 gave Hall the look he needed as he powered by Carlotto for the last time, and pulled away to take the checkers on his first win of 2013.

At the stripe it was Hall, followed by Carlotto, Greg Catlin battled his way to 3rd followed by Tommy Johnson, and Whitey Slavin to round out the top 5.

In the 20 Lap Pro Stock feature, it only took 23 laps before the #8 of Jay Corbin jumped into the lead, and checked out on the field.  At the checkers, Corbin scored the win by a half track margin, Rick Dempsey held on to finish 2nd.  Jason Meltz battled to score 3rd, with Paul LaRochelle and Milo Campbell rounding out the top 5 finishers.

Earlier on the night’s program, the Purestocks ran their features with tom Murphy taking PS#1.  Dan Cote scored the win in PS#2, while Daniel Sanchez powered his way into victory lane in PS#3.

Next up on the 2013 schedule is the crowd pleasing ‘Eve of Destruction’ on Tuesday June 25th presented by Waste Management and Sayer’s Auto Wrecking.  This Carnage Extravaganza with feature a Roll Over Contest, Trailer Races, School Bus Races, and Extreme Stunts!

Then on Saturday, Berkshire Bank and Armory Garage present the Most Unbelievable Fireworks Display Imaginable in celebration of Independence Day on June 29th!

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Alarms of Berkshire County Big Block Modified Feature (30 Laps): 1)Eddie Marshall, 2)Brett Hearn, 3)Mark Flach Jr, 4)Mike King, 5)Kolby Schroder, 6)Jimmy Burns, 7)Donnie Corellis, 8)Keith Flach, 9)Brian Berger, 10)J.R. Heffner, 11)Kim LaVoy, 12)Denny Soltis, 13)Matt Pupello, 14)Paul Gilardi, 15)Nick Hotaling, 16)Kyle Sheldon, 17)Kenny Tremont Jr, 18)Rob Pitcher, 19)Andy Bachetti, 20)Kyle Armstrong, 21)Kyle Hoffman, 22)Bobby Hackel, DNS)Steve Hough, DNS)Ed Kitchell

Small Block Modified Feature (24 Laps): 1)Ryan Darcy, 2)Matt Quinn, 3)Wayne Jelley, 4)Brett Haas, 5)Andy Bachetti, 6)Chad Jeso,  7)Steve Meilleur, 8)Steve Hough, 9)Chad Pierce, 10)Alan Houghtaling, 11)Kim LaVoy, 12)Neil Stratton, 13)Brian Sandstedt, 14)Jason Harrington, 15)Olden Dwyer, 16)Sean Mandell, 17)Jason, Thompkins, 18)Frank Harper, 19)Tyler Dippel, DNS)Don Goodrich

Budget Sportsman Feature (20 Laps): 1)Ray Hall Jr., 2)Peter Carlotto, 3)Greg Catlin, 4)Tommy Johnson, 5)Whitey Slavin, 6)Michael Sabia, 7)Todd Lane, 8)John Virgilio, 9)Brian Peterson, 10)Brandon Pitcher, 11)Matt Pappa, 12)Timothy Davis 2nd, 13)Brandon Page, 14)Rob Maxon, 15)Joe Mottoshiski, 16)Mike Verhagen, 17)Josh Gaylord, 18)Milo Campbell, 19)Jay LaMountain, 20)Cody Ochs, 21)Tyler Dippel, 22)Robbie Speed, 23)Rob Knipe, 24)Jake Jelley, 25)Chris Lynch, 26)Ricky Davis, 27)Alissa Cody, 28)Scott Duso, 29)Jack Speshock, 30)Colin Clow, 31)Keith Johannessen, DNS)Randall Sousie, DQ)Alan Houghtaling

Pro Stock Feature (20 Laps): 1)Jay Corbin, 2)Rick Dempsey, 3)Jason Meltz, 4)Paul LaRochelle, 5)Milo Campbell, 6)Frank Twing, 7)Victor Hopkins, 8)Jason Casey, 9)Jay Casey, 10)Robbie Speed, 11)Chuck Towslee, 12)Rick Duzlak, 13)Tom Harkins, 14)Brian Keough, 15)Paul Engwer, 16)John Santolin, 17)Jeff Kemel, 18)Jon Routhier, 19)Nick Hilt, 20)Mark Dupree

Purestock #1 (8 Laps): 1)Tom Murphy, 2)Richard Puff, 3)Jesse, Murphy, 4)Dave Stickles, 5)Ron Johnson, 6)Lloyd Tomlin, 7)Bob Brown, 8)Chet Watson, 9)Dan Olds, 10)Gil Twing, 11)Harold Robitaille, 12)Joe Cheneil, 13)Brian Walsh, 14)Dennis O'Connor JR, 15)Chris Madison, 16)Dave Hauser

Purestock #2 (8 Laps): 1)Dan Cote, 2)Chris Streeter, 3)Hunter Sanchez, 4)Phil Sherman, 5)Scott Morris, 6)Jay Casey, 7)Jim Groncki, 8)Lou Ganczar, 9)Gary Vandenburg, 10)Shawn Lancey, 11)Ed Hubbard, 12)Raymond Mandel, 13)Shawn Johannessen, 14)Keri Vandenburg, DNS)Bob Palmer

Purestock #3 (12 Laps): 1)Daniel Sanchez, 2)Ray Hall Sr, 3)John Felarecki, 4)Mike Eichstedt, 5)Jeff Meltz, 6)Jeff Meltz Sr., 7)Ed Hatch, 8)Al Relyea, 9)Pete Wiegand, 10)James Hatch, 11)John Devine, 12)Steven LaRochelle, 13)Gary O'Brien, 14)Clifford Booth, 15)Doug Olds

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