Mark Flach Jr Rules the High Banks for $5,000 Win
Houghtaling, Hackel and Jeseo Cash in for Wins
Saturday July 21, 2012
By: Rodney Rescott

Howard Commander’s Lebanon Valley Speedway always brings the big shows, and the big money; as this past Saturday night was no exception with a whopping $5,000 on the line and title of King of the Track!

And as usual, when there’s big money on the line, all the team kick it up a notch to try and grab the extra cha-ching.  NBT Bank and Rifenburg Construction head lined the program; with the mighty big block Modifieds taking to the speedway for their 30 lap feature event.

At the start of the main event, the #77F of Mark Flach Jr was in control at in the catbird seat over the #16 of Kyle Hoffman and the rest of the field.  Midway through the pack, the likes of Brian Berger, J.R. Heffner, Brett Hearn and last week’s winner Donnie Corellis were making their way to the front for the big dough.

With no cautions to slow the field and bunch them back up, Flach’s ride just continued to power away and lead from wire to wire, securing his first win of the season, and a healthy $5,000 payday.

Hoffman held on to finish 2nd with Hearn, Corellis, and Matt Pupello completed the top 5 finishers.

In the LV Sportsman, the #250 of Alan Houghtaling also took control early from the front row and held on to score the win, his first in 2012.  A caution midway through the race for top runners Olden Dwyer and Steve Meilleur bunch the field, but all continued without serious damage.

Brett Haas charged up through to finish 2nd followed by Ryan Darcy, Lim LaVoy and Frank Harper rounding out the top 5 finishers.

The Budget Sportsman featured a 30 car starting grid with Todd Lane and Peter Carlotto at the head of the class early.  But cautions flew early and often for multiple accidents.  First was the #710 of Greg Catlin making heavy contact with the turn 2 wall on lap 3.  Then several additional jingles kept the field under yellow several more times.

With all the bunching of the field, the #97 of Bobby Hackel IV worked his way through the field with the #74 of Chris Lynch battling to see who could get to the front first.  Hackel got to the lead by lap 6, with Lynch hot on his heels in 2nd.

 Cautions kept slowing the field allowing Lynch to keep a close eye on the #97, but there just wasn’t enough time to get by, as Hackel scores his 3rd win of the season.  Lynch had to settle for 2nd, while Michael Sabia battled to finish 3rd followed by Carlotto and Whitey Slavin.

The Pro Stocks rolled out earlier in the evening, and that race too, was marred by multiple cautions keeping the cars from long green flag runs.

The #29 of Rick Duzlak was out front early in the event, but the #315 of Jon Routhier took over by lap 2.  Caution again on lap 4 slowed the field for the #711 of Richard Glen who found himself upside down on the back stretch.  Routhier stayed in control through several more cautions over the course of the next 6 laps.

 But each caution brought the big guns closer to the front of the field as current point leader Chad Jeseo was waiting for the right moment to pounce.  And he did just that by lap 9 and began to pull away.  Caution slowed his progress two more times, but that was not going to keep the #25 of victory lane.

Following Jeseo was Routhier, Jay Corbin settled for 3rd while Jason Casey and Victor Hopkins complete the top 5.

In the full-fendered Purestocks earlier in the night, PS# 1 was won by Lloyd Tomlin.  PS# 2 saw Steven LaRochelle score his first career win, while PS# 3 had James Hatch take the win.

Sunday July 22nd will feature the return of the World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series accompanied by the Steve Hough Motors 358 Modifieds.  Then, next Saturday night it’s Sheldon Oil and Heavy Hauler presenting the Matt Plunkett Memorial Maiden Race plus all weekly divisions and the Budget Sportsman.

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NBT Bank and Rifenburg Construction $5,000 Modified King of the Track Results (30 Laps): 1)Mark Flach Jr, 2)Kyle Hoffman, 3)Brett Hearn, 4)Donnie Corellis, 5)Matt Pupello, 6)Brian Berger, 7)Kyle Armstrong, 8)Kolby Schroder, 9)Andy Bachetti, 10)Steve Hough, 11)Kyle Sheldon, 12)J.R. Heffner, 13)Eddie Marshall, 14)Jimmy Burns, 15)Keith Flach, 16)J. C. Flach, 17)Mike King, 18)Kenny Tremont Jr, 19)John Ruchel, 20)C. G. Morey, 21)Kim LaVoy, DNS)Paul Gilardi, DNS)Rob Pitcher, DNS)Mike Keeler

LV Sportsman Results (20 Laps): 1)Alan Houghtaling, 2)Brett Haas, 3)Ryan Darcy, 4)Kim LaVoy, 5)Frank Harper, 6)Chad Pierce, 7)Olden Dwyer, 8)Ron Dwyer, 9)Brian Sandstedt, 10)Sean Mandel, 11)Steve Meilleur, 12)Brandon Piastka, 13)Willy Knight, 14)Jim Bemiss-B, 15)Paul Knox, 16)Josh Gaylord,
17)Darek Schibi, 18)Frank Hoard, 19)Peter Carlotto

Budget Sportsman Results (20 Laps): 1)Bobby Hackel IV, 2)Chris Lynch, 3)Michael Sabia, 4)Peter Carlotto, 5)Whitey Slavin, 6)Frank Hoard, 7)Rob Knipe, 8)Jim Bemiss, 9)Cody Ochs, 10)Brian Peterson, 11)Ray Hall Jr., 12)Scott Duel, 13)Jake Jelley, 14)Josh Gaylord, 15)Cody Hunt, 16)Tommy Johnson, 17)Kory, Sandstedt, 18)Zeb Catlin, 19)Brandon Page, 20)Collin Clow, 21)Brett Wright, 22)David Baronowski, 23)Rob Maxon, 24)Todd, Petsche, 25)Milo Campbell, 26)John Virgilio, 27)Dan Hartgraves, 28)Robbie Speed, 29)Todd Lane, 30)Greg Catlin

Pro Stock Results (20 Laps): 1)Chad Jeseo, 2)Jon Routhier, 3)Jay Corbin, 4)Jason Casey, 5)Victor Hopkins, 6)Chuck Towslee, 7)Jay Casey, 8)Milo Campbell, 9)Brian Keough, 10)Tom O'Connor, 11)Tom Bertino, 12)Paul LaRochelle, 13)Paul Engwar, 14)Robbie Speed, 15)Frank Twing, 16)Paul Rogers, 17)Rick Duzlak, 18)Nick Hilt, 19)Richard Glen, DNS)Mark Dupree, DNS)John Santolin

Purestock #1 Results (8 Laps): 1)Lloyd Tomlin, 2)Pete Wiegand, 3)Jesse, Murphy, 4)Scott Morris, 5)Gary Vandenburg, 6)Harold Robitalle, 7)Shawn Perez, 8)Keri Vandenburg, 9)Dennis O'Connor, 10)Dylan Fachini, 11)Daniel Sanchez, 12)Joey Morey, 13)Keith Johannessen, 14)Brian Walsh

Purestock #2 Results (8 Laps): 1)Steven LaRochelle, 2)Joe Chenail, 3)Jeremy Closson, 4)Terry McNamara, 5)John Acker, 6)Doug Olds, 7)Ed Hatch, 8)Chris Bierce, 9)Jeff Meltz, 10)Jim Groncki, 11)Chad Arsenault, 12)Gary O'Brien, DQ)Larry Perez

Purestock #3 Results (12 Laps): 1)James Hatch, 2)Lou Ganczar, 3)Al Relyea, 4)Bob Palmer, 5)Phil Wood, 6)John Devine, 7)John Felarecki, 8)Ray Hall Sr, 9)Ron Johnson, 10)Jeff Meltz Sr., 11)Lynn Wesley,12)Chris Streeter,13)Dave Stickles, 14)Ed Bachand, 15)Jason Meltz

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